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    I do like to sort the smalls, the towels and clothes and all. Neat piles, separately putting them through, making use of the washing machines functions too, yet moving towards summer when…

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    Sea Breeze

    A little bit of wind never goes astray, it is good for blowing the olds cobwebs away! Spring is the breeze’s busiest time of year and often I don’t feel like stepping…

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    The Purple Swamphen

    Enjoying one of the best wildlife estuaries on Flinders Island, the Purple Swamphen spends its days lounging in the lagoon overlooking the magnificent view of iconic Mt Strzelecki. Feeding on grasses, snails…

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    Island, Life, People

    Memory Lane

    Flinders Island is my home. Remote and out of the way, I could live here for ever and then another day. The mountains in the sea have long held a romantic hold…

  • killiecrankie

    Summer Loving

    In the summer time when the weather is fine! Like a local tiger snake I have been soaking up the rays along with a healthy dose of making the most of our…

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    The Garden Path

    What goes up, must come down as sure as everything goes round and round. Goodness knows when it comes to an end, but one thing is for sure…our pantries will be well…