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    The Purple Swamphen

    Enjoying one of the best wildlife estuaries on Flinders Island, the Purple Swamphen spends its days lounging in the lagoon overlooking the magnificent view of iconic Mt Strzelecki. Feeding on grasses, snails…

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    Kitchen, Style

    Day On The Island

    “Cheeky Little Lunch” on November 9th – organised by Flinders Island Meat & Flinders Island Fresh with Chef Rob Kabboord from Merricote Restaurant in Melbourne. Guests were treated to a special ‘Fly In…

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    Island, Life, Style

    Island Hopping

    Share :: An Island hop! Visiting King Island in the Bass Strait, we were keen to see how the other islanders live… King Island is renowned for its beef, unusual mixture of…

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    FOBSI – Out of the Box

    FOBSI Friends of Bass Strait Islands, Wildcare are currently exhibiting “Boxthorn” at the Straits Gallery, Whitemark. There are approximately 150 members on the FOBSI mailing list and people have come from as far…

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    All Fired Up

    Late summer on Flinders Island when the temperature drops to 18 degrees and Mutton-birds fly towards the North Pacific is a good time to start thinking about how you are going to…

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    Retail Therapy

    Nostalgia is a wonderful thing and what is someone else’s trash is another person’s treasure… Reclaiming, reusing and recycling furniture, second-hand decorative items, chinaware and vintage haberdashery is a treasure hunters idea…

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    A Tale of Survival

    DONATE TO THE FLINDERS ISLAND WOMBAT FAMILY FUND Living on Flinders Island you only need to take a drive at dusk or dawn to spot wildlife grazing on the roadside. It’s like…