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Island Time

There is something really special about Island Time philosophy.

Things don’t always happen when you want them to.

They tend to happen when they are meant to and as the song goes

“… You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need”.

We live in a make do and mend ideology, relying heavily upon transport infrastructure for commodities that keep the wheels turning both privately and professionally.

Brave pilots can’t fly when clouds close in and boats stranded on sand bars won’t be going anywhere in a hurry.

If it’s pouring with rain, expect delay! If the ocean is churning expect delay!

Australia post, newspapers and magazines, freight of all shapes and sizes will arrive, when Mother Nature is ready.

Time stops.

Yet the sound of commercial airplanes remind us that life off island is busy and looking to the sky I can see the jet stream of the flight to Sydney…right on time.

Time is spent doing rather that consuming.

We collect firewood in winter, fish to put food on the table, beach comb for treasure, camp in peace or take children on outings and then you can always exercise.

Perhaps the isolation is alleviated by endorphins.

Check on chickens, fences, livestock and friends.

The list of things to do just never ends.

Even with advancement in technology, living on Flinders Island is reminiscent of the 1960’s and unless you have access to the Telstra 3G network, you’ll be without a mobile phone.

With no traffic lights, roundabouts or freeways to negotiate, cars with bells and whistles are considered fancy indeed.

Where to park or for how long? There are no parking meters, inspectors and no worries.

We haven’t even the need to remember a two-dollar coin for the shopping trolley!

By midday Saturday the supermarket and general store in Whitemark is closed.

And the bakery and café that alternately trade on Saturday’s wind down around one.

Permission to chill-ax!

Tinker with the car, machinery and even piano keys.

Sing for your soul in the choir or join a band, you can perfect your performance for the Music In The Vines Festival.

The sky is the limit to leisure time probabilities.

Why not take in the view from the Furneaux Tavern with a glass of local Unavale wine or bet on a horse at the Interstate Hotel.

Remember the six o’clock swill?

Watering holes close early Sunday – my place for roast dinner anyone?

Be consumed by gardening.

Plant flowers and shrubs, fruit and trees and never before have our vegetable plots been so massive.

Time is spent deciding what to do with abundance!

When food ripens it’s time to make chutney, relish, jam, slices, soups and cakes.

Share with your neighbours or show to the community what you have achieved.

Flinders Island Annual Show is the perfect place to air your wares and it’s obligatory to have a somewhat competitive streak.

Play golf, hike in the mountains and yoga in peace.

Participate in a craft, alone or with friends.

Ride a horse or motorbike, watch wildlife, watch a DVD, read the paper, write a letter, study, make a list!

Whatever you choose to do, slow down, time is of the essence.

X Sammi & Megan

Bowmans History Room Flinders island

image taken at Bowmans History Room :: Flinders island

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