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Visiting King Island in the Bass Strait, we were keen to see how the other islanders live… King Island is renowned for its beef, unusual mixture of milk producing grass seeds, cheese and natural beauty.

Two lighthouses proudly alert the location and if not seen – ships wrecked! A rich seafaring history is well documented throughout many coastal trails. The dangers that faced explorers and the dangers that still exist in the surrounding waters will be developed further for tourists to uncover.

We discovered bush land and beaches by bus, but by foot is very popular; start in Currie (a township definitely not in a hurry) and head North. Keep right of the beach the entire way round! Minimal impact and preservation is key to involvement in walks or drives around the isolated environment. We learnt that the surfing culture is a definite crowd pleaser and on viewing the calcified forest we concluded it is a Star Wars type feature.

Giant Kelp washes onto shores for islanders to harvest. A lucrative industry for those with a four-wheel drive, trailer and winch. Kelp is hoisted from the beach in what can only be described as perilous. One blade wrapped around ankles could see you at sea.

There are two common meeting places, splashed with colour, the pottery gallery in town and the boathouse on the harbour. These are sites of eras past and have been salvaged by volunteers initially and then by council for community enjoyment… at last!

In the township of Grassy a state of the art cooking school is setting up. This will host local and interstate chefs and sharing through classes it will endeavor to highlight the local produce.

Similar isolation issues arose during conversations regarding transport and freight and infrastructure struggles similarly to Flinders Island when at its peak tourism occupancy.

Woes of pests and displease are present i.e. boxthorn, wild cats, lyrebirds and wallabies. There are no wombats on King Island and only a handful of Cape Barron Geese. This ancient isle is home to more than fourteen bird species; residents, vagrants and migrants – Both King Island and Flinders can boast paths of flight.

With Spectacular Ocean outcrops worn by the sea and cliffs that shear downwards suddenly. A door on the westerly face at a beachside picnic facility took brute force to gain privacy. It’s windy!

Major developments are underway. Two premium golf courses, Ocean Dunes – modelled on Barbougle Dunes, North East Tasmania and Cape Wickham expect to offer world-class facilities and wind farms wind up the locals.

Although we are separate, it’s hard not to think we are connected. Through micro-moments of similarities shared, being a Bass Strait islander is a true love affair. It was only a hop… to a heart skip and jump!

X Sammi & Megan.

An Acrostic Poem about King Island, just for fun!

Kindred King Islanders catch kelp and kaleidoscope scenery
Inspires individuals interested in island industry and isolation.
Naturally is the narrative of this neighborhood whose focus is
Golf. Gradual green slopes also generate gustatory goodness galore!

In the middle, isolated like us
Seals show off in shoals and shun sharks.
Lyrebirds lavish in luxury
Amok and aged Angus await
Distance dictates development.

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