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Meet A Local :: Dyan Summers

An amazing poet and artist, this local loves nothing better than to pass on cultural knowledge especially through music with her husband Ronnie Summers…..ask her about the story of the ‘Moonbird’! You can find her jamming on the steps of the Interstate Hotel or at Deep Bite Cafe with her fellow musician friends ‘The Butter Factory Boys’ and Judith Jacques…but that’s another story! Meet Dyan Summers…

dyan-summersWhat brought you to the island or have you always lived here?
I grew up on Flinders Island and it has always been “Home”.

Which part of the island do you love and what is its appeal?
I really love all of the Island, but the North of the Island is so beautiful, Palana, Docks, N E River, Killiecrankie, Marshall Bay.

Which pastimes or hobbies keep you busy?
I like cooking, the beach and Art.

If you could paint a picture of Flinders Island, where would you set up your easel?
Definitely somewhere up the North end of the Island, possibly N E River or Docks.

In the whole wild world – who inspires you?
My father, Ted Shaw.

What local food would you cook for a dinner party?
Definitely marinated wallaby.

How do you spend your holidays on Flinders Island?
Camping up N E River and walking the beaches, the children enjoy mountain climbing, snorkelling and scuba diving and swimming.

Last book, TV or movie you enjoyed?
I enjoy reading History Books, I have enjoyed reading Stan Blyth’s books of his stories from the Furneaux Islands.

What would be a positive thing to have happen for the islands future?
I would like to see more events to cater to Youth. More Markets in the Pub Carpark and a big line Artist for a 3 day Festival so people could fly in and camp and use the Showgrounds for events other than Lions Markets, Football and the Show. Have the Showgrounds as the venue. Locals could have stalls to sell local Art over 3 days, food stalls etc.

What is your favourite quotation or saying?
Respect is earned not just given

Dyan keeps busy increasing awareness in numerous celebrations and activities that take place across the island during NAIDOC week (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee.) See Photos of the flag-raising ceremony for NAIDOC week at FIAAI (Flinders island Aboriginal Association)

X Sammi & Megan

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