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Meet A Local :: Nikki Jones

Meet one of our school teachers! Introducing Nicole Jones.

1D8A42602What bought you to the island or have you always lived here?
Well, I grew up on the island with my family and I moved away for college and university. When I moved back, it was only meant to be for six months but then I got my teaching job and decided to stay. So instead of six months, it is seven years later, I am still here! My family is here and I want to be here with them.

Which part of the island do you love and what is its appeal?
I love the North East River. As a kid we used to go camping there all the time and it’s just peaceful sitting on the beach and watching the pelicans float down the river. It’s just a gorgeous spot. I love the river. We played cricket on the beach when we were little and I used to pick up jelly fish and throw them at my brother and sister! I like to sit around the campfire with my family. I love it when we are all together.

Which pastimes or hobbies keep you busy?
When I’m not working I actually like to stay home and spend time with my son and my partner, Leigh, and I love to go camping and fishing. Although I haven’t done that much since Kai has come along…And I like to go to the pub and have a drink or meal with my girlfriends. Plus spend time with my family, I love to do that.

If you could paint a picture of Flinders Island, where would you set up your easel?
I would set my easel up at the North East River. Either at the mouth because I think it is a beautiful view, just looking at the pelicans, otherwise it would be the boat ramp at Whitemark. Because I like seeing all the birds and on a really nice, calm day it is just gorgeous. That is where I would paint. But, wherever you put your easel, you could paint a nice picture.


In the whole world who inspires you?
People who raise money for charities. So last year Shane Crawford made me cry because he did that ride for breast cancer awareness. People who use their celebrity status to help others inspire me. They’re not just about themselves to get money so … like Angelina Jolie who helps children in Africa. Or just anyone who is in a role where they can help others. I think that is good for the community, the world, to do something useful, instead of just smiling at the paparazzi!

My grandparents inspire me also. They are in their seventies and help look after my son, Kai who is a very active two year old, while I work. They do an amazing job with him.

What local food would you cook for a dinner party?
I’m not a very good cook! But for a dinner party I would cook Flake, something like that. Anything seafood… so Crayfish, Flake… um but if I had just my friends around I would definitely cook a Mutton bird, cos I love Mutton bird…On the barbecue or on the George Foreman (cook all the fat out of them). I love Mutton birds with chutney; Mum and my Aunty make delicious homemade chutney.

How do you spend your holidays on Flinders Island?
I like to spend time at home in my school holidays but I also love to go camping. I love going to the holiday house at Killiecrankie with my friends. I also like to spend the holidays at the beach as much as I can, walking and catching up with everyone and barbecuing… a lot.

Last book, TV or movie you enjoyed?
The last book series I really enjoyed was the Vampire Academy. I am a bit of a teeny bopper! I really like reading about vampires and things like that… loved Twilight!! I love, love stories. The television series I really love at the moment is Revenge, although it is on quite late and I haven’t been able to watch it all and I really love Homeland. I also enjoy the series True Blood. I love movies, well I really love romantic movies.

I think my favourite movie would be the Notebook or Titanic. I could watch them 100 times, I am a romantic and P.S I Love you with Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. Any romantic movie with a good looking main man, yep!! My Sisters Keeper is so sad, god! I love sad, romantic movies; I could just watch them over and over, if I had time.

What would be a positive thing to have happen for the islands future?
Well I think that something positive would be more employment opportunities for people on the island so that some of the young people could stay here and raise families. More children could come to the school. Just more job opportunities of some description, so that people can come and live here and be stable in a career and have full-time work…so they can afford to stay on the island!

It would help keep the business’ running to have families here. It is a great place to live and it’s safe and we have a really great school… we do!

What is your favourite quotation or saying?
You Only Live Once, but I’ll add a bit more on… I think you need to make the most of what you have in life so, Love, Smile and Eat Chocolate.

We hope you enjoyed meeting our local school teacher Nicole Jones. Young mum to Kai John, two years, and partner to Leigh, Nicole is affectionately known as Nikki or Noodle Jones. Growing-up on Flinders Island, Nikki studied at the very school she now teaches at and like most of the younger generation on Flinders, she left the island to complete her higher education and a University degree in Launceston before being able to come ‘home’.

X Sammi & Megan

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  • Reply Karen October 13, 2014 at 5:06 am


    Have just fallen in love with Flinders Island. Yet to go there but the plan is to do so next July / August.

    I’m a teacher in the UK and we have just started the process to get a visa for Australia. Would love to get a teaching job on Flinders Island. Do you think there would be any possibility? The population is so small as is the high school. I can only assume there aren’t many jobs available each year. It just seems like the exact community we have spent the last few months searching for online!

    Am I crazy to think it might be possible?



  • Reply Karen October 13, 2014 at 6:24 am


    I have fallen in love with your beautiful island! For months my husband and I have been searching for a small rural community in Australia we can call home. Flinders I believe is what we have been looking for!

    We have yet to go there but hope to visit next July / August.

    My only question is (and I hope you can advise!): as a UK English / History teacher – currently Head of Department, is there any chance of a job ever coming up in the high school?

    Obviously as a small island with a small secondary school, jobs will be few and far between. But do you think it is worth holding out some hope?

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful island with us.


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