Summer Loving

In the summer time when the weather is fine!

Like a local tiger snake I have been soaking up the rays along with a healthy dose of making the most of our gorgeous island lifestyle days.

Slithering and slipping off to parties with friends, forgetting that the long winter is just around the bend. Summer is our busiest time of year, when not just locals on the street appear but friends from away brighten the day and strangers we are yet to meet come into play.

There are visitors from near and a-far and locals who return from the city for some R & R. How wonderful a summer can be, if you make it to the beach and get to enjoy the scenery…summertime is busy.

Now that it’s winding to an end and soon we will be out woodcutting again, it is time to sit back and reflect on the good times had and the ones on the way. Ah – those glorious summer days.

It has been full of fun underneath the hot southern sun. The temperature may not be as wild as our mainland counterparts but the sun down south kicks a punch wilder than that spiked at a party.

Summertime makes us yearn for the next one… you bet!

It’s now that time of year when mice begin to appear. Cute as a button with those tiny ears, I’m not sure who squeaks loudest when species appear.

Say cheese!

X Sammi & Megan

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