The Garden Path

What goes up, must come down as sure as everything goes round and round. Goodness knows when it comes to an end, but one thing is for sure…our pantries will be well stocked by then!

When our Flinders Island Autumn vegetable gardens are overflowing, the spirit of giving, amongst the many circles of friends, never ends.

We might not agree on techniques and terminology, but our romance with the garden will never go flat, even if a marathon cooking session leaves you bushwhacked!

Newspaper packages, beans wrapped within, a giant zucchini for bottling, cherry tomatoes, sweet to taste, all contributing to “food on the plate” – Means something to appreciate.

The harvest is a gift of love, from a seed in the soil and to a pot on the boil.

Sauces and jam, chutney – relish success! Dehydrated, snapped frozen and of course fresh are just some of the ways to enjoy what the garden does best.

Just remember not to tell secrets in the plot…Potatoes have eyes, corn has ears and beans-talk.

X Sammi & Megan

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