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I do like to sort the smalls, the towels and clothes and all. Neat piles, separately putting them through, making use of the washing machines functions too, yet moving towards summer when our water will be getting low, I think in together everything must go!

“Ah you make my mind boggle! You must separate these things…” cries Mum
“What am I supposed to do? We have a whole summer to get through!”

My washing ways caused mum distress it was apparent when she did protest! I’m not sure what my options will be if the water does dry up but for now we do have a function called ‘Economy’.

The Eco wash takes 2 and a half hours to complete and drives me bonkers when I find a sock, the one that doesn’t make it into the wash. I have learnt to do the buttons up on my doona cover because things have a habit of getting stuck inside on this particular cycle.

Finally finished! Ready for the clothes line, ours is almost broken, a few wires are breaking with the strain and the height can’t be adjusted… I’ll just wait until my little boy discovers the wonder and fun of swinging from the line… and completely busts it!

My grandma taught me to hide my smalls on the inside where nobody could see and socks paired, how was it that she hung her jeans? Upside down and inside out, that way they won’t fade in the scorching sun today.

How do you hang your tops so that peg marks aren’t a bother? Is cutting ironing time good; do you fold and put them straight away or leave them in the basket for another day?

As a teenager asked to help, mum and I would disagree, whether the pegs should be taken off or left and similar to my Gran, mum had her own hanging ways…

“Well gee, at least it is on the line, shouldn’t that be fine?”

A recent chat when there was the purchase of pegs at the counter of our general store made me realise we all have our unique ways, making washing a part of our island lifestyle days.

The smalls are hung together and some dry items on coat hangers. There are people who take great pride in having an organised washing line and others don’t care, just as long as there is something to wear!

I was quite amazed and humbled by the chat, I thought you might like to know that…

Wake up, rise and shine! Hang you britches on the line!
X Sammi & Megan



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